Health & Wellness Program

“The Front Line” Health, Wellness & Accident Prevention

frontlineThe Front Line is an initiative to promote health, wellness, safety and accident prevention in all of our students. One of the initiative’s missions is to prevent illness and the spread of viruses and bacteria in our centers, by taking an aggressive approach to washing, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting throughout the building. In addition to eliminating germs, The Front Line initiative focuses on accident prevention in our centers by increasing toddler supervision during transition periods, and improving playground supervision. This breakthrough approach affirms that The Bridge Learning Centers offer the best childcare services available.

Safety & Accident Prevention

  • Increased Supervision and Safety Checklists added for all Playground and Outdoor Recreation times.
  • A 2nd teacher added to all toddler rooms during diapering times to prevent biting and other incidents.
  • All accidents are fully investigated by Director and Assistant Director

Health & Wellness

  • Comprehensive hand washing and hygiene curriculum completed daily
  • 3 times per day, all rooms & common areas are fully sanitized.
  • All toys & manipulatives are disinfected at the end of each day.
  • Hand Sanitizer stations at entryway of every room
  • Shoe cover stations located at the entryway of all infant rooms
  • All toys, manipulatives, and small items sanitized with the Zono Sanitation System daily