The Goal Line

The Goal Line Program

The Goal Line program is a 4 tier iniative to achieve overall wellness and safety for your child.  “Outside the Lines” nutrition program, “The Play Line” physical education program, “The Front Line” health, wellness, safety & accident prevention program and “The Starting Line” athletic program are the tiers that each contribute to your child’s safety and wellness.  Each are specifically designed, customized, taught and coached by our trained staff.  This unique program cannot be found in any other center in the country and your child will not only become more fit, but will have fun doing so.

Outside The Lines Nutrition Programnutrition

Students will learn basic nutrition skills and be provided with a well-balanaced meal and snacks with our Outside the Lines program.

The Play Line Physical Educationphysical-education

In the Play Line program, our students will experience an energetic physical education class.


The Front Line Initiativefrontline

The Front Line program teaches our students basic hygiene and self help skills that are valuable for healthy growth and development, as well as ensuring added safety by lowering student to teacher ratios in the classroom and on the playground.

All five centers were awarded the National “Building Healthy Habits” grant to continue our efforts in healthy eating and living, starting with our youth.