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Age Range:
2 - 3 years
Areas of Learning:

Computers & Technology

Reading Comprehension & Literacy

Language, Including Spanish

Two-Year-Olds are truly beginning to come in to their own: learning to run, jump, keep their balance, communicate in two and three word sentences, and learning to use the toilet. Our goals for 2 year olds are to expand their vocabulary, teach the alphabet, learn to count, toilet train, and broaden their self-regulation skills while using discovery learning to support their growing independence.

  • Daily schedule posted inside and outside the room
  • Weekly Lesson Plans posted
  • Personal cubbies for extra clothes, towels, blankets and bags
  • Bathroom equipped for Toilet Training Program
  • Assigned cot or mat with sheet washed weekly
  • All Learning Domains of the Ascend Curriculum taught daily
  • All Learning Objectives tracked, documented and assessed
  • Rooms set up to support learning with a different topic every month
    • Language and Literacy Areas with books purchased monthly to support new topic
    • Science Area with real and found items to support monthly topic
    • Dramatic Play area
    • Math and Manipulative table
    • Art and Crafts from Creative Expression posted and updated
  • 2 Outdoor Physical Development times per day, weather permitting
  • Front Line Sanitation Program
    • All contact surfaces and toys sanitized 3 times per day
    • Hand Washing, Dental Health, Hygiene, and Self-Help skills taught daily
  • Electronic Daily Sheets, with instant feedback (learning activities, meal information, toilet training and memorable moments) and pictures sent to parents throughout from the teacher’s tablet, straight to the parent’s inbox.